Saturday, July 7, 2012

Farmers' Market Debut

Today was a hot one!

Laini and I sat under the shade of an oak tree in Center Square and did our small part to help celebrate the 260th anniversary of the Easton Farmers' Market.  Megan McBride generously offered us table space so we could promote our project and get people to send us recipes and so forth. We met lots of great people; one woman even wrote a recipe for "Awesome Salsa" right off the top of her head, and her son vouched for its awesomeness.

I was downwind of Scholl Orchards' amazing peaches: they're completely symmetrical, the size of baseballs, and truly picked at the peak of perfection. They look like an agricultural textbook (does this even make sense?) version of what a peach should be. Seriously. When I asked, Sophia Scholl told me they went through 30 bushels in less than two hours. If you have never had them before, I can't endorse them highly enough. Local food is the way to go, but there's something extra sweet and beautiful about local fruit.

The other part of my view? Gorgeous bounty from Blooming Glen Acres, in Bucks County. Check out the heirloom tomatoes--notice how they are displayed in such a way that bruising of the tomatoes is kept to a minimum.

Special thanks to Jeff Gilbert for selecting some beautiful tomatoes for me while I was at the table.

If you're reading this, and you want to submit, check out this earlier post--it highlights all the things we're looking for in a good farm-fresh recipe. What did you enjoy today about the farmers' market celebration? What did you buy, and what are you going to do with it? Inquiring minds wanna know!