Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Testing, 1, 2, 3-- Coming Soon!

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm writing to say that I've got a stockpile of recipes here (probably about ten) that I'd love to get rolling and get tested.

I took a brief hiatus after the last round (spring rolls, cole slaw, peach cobbler) because many of my faithful testers have been on vacation. But we're looking at the following, roughly speaking:

Bread bowl quiche, panzanella, three dishes from another cookbook author in the Lehigh Valley that are surefire winners and which include meat from Breakaway Farms, cucumber salad, potato salad....

In the world of baking and fruits, I've got a fruit cordial that needs testing and can take any summer fruit you want, a peach cobbler recipe we need more feedback on (from Scholl Orchard), and a zucchini-carrot bread recipe.

Here's the preliminary look at the peach cobbler, which is unusual, my friend Martha and I agreed, because it's got the peaches on the top and the batter on the bottom. It's old-school, to be sure, and comes from June Scholl via her daughter-in-law Sofia. I'm guessing it goes back even further than that, to June's mom, but I haven't done full reconnaissance on the recipe's genesis yet!

We've got even more to come, as I'm working with many restaurants and chefs and known foodies in the Lehigh Valley to get their recipes for beautiful summer produce. I don't want to spill it until the recipes are in hand--but please stay tuned.

If you would like to test any of these recipes, please email me at lvfmcookbook at gmail dot com. I'm aiming to have a handful together no later than August 8.  I kindly request that you do not share the recipe with anyone because I don't want these circulating before the recipes are tested and finalized, and the book is published. Let's keep it special, shall we? 

And please, enjoy your farmers' markets. They need all the love we can give them. The future of delicious, sustainable food depends up on us. We can do it!

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